Since our humble beginnings more than 40 years ago, Genvex has been supplying both homes and businesses with ventilation systems of the highest quality. We started out as a small division of the company V.M Christensen, but have since then evolved into a global, market leading brand with a wide range of innovative products and indoor climate solutions.

From our production facilities in Haderslev, we work continuously to develop new products and optimize existing ones. Our goals are simple: we want to deliver ventilation solutions that meets the demands of the market, contribute to a sustainable future and deliver fresh, clean air for all types of homes.

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Quality and environmental certification

Genvex A/S was ISO-certified for the first time in 2008 and now comply with (2021) ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, which ensures that the energy consumption in both the production facilities and our ventilations systems live up to the current European standards. We are also certified through DNV-GL.

In addition, Genvex focuses on complying with the UN World Goals, in particular paragraphs 7 and 11, which deal with sustainability and a general restriction on the release of harmful toxins and chemicals during the production process.


We are part of the NIBE and METRO THERM groups

Genvex is part of both the NIBE and METRO THERM groups, which gives us access to new markets and technologies. Also, it enables us to share knowledge and collaborate with a wide range of high-tech companies from different parts of the sustainable energy sector.

The NIBE Group

We are part of NIBE Industrier AB is a Swedish industrial group with three business areas; NIBE Climate Solutions, NIBE Elements and NIBE Stoves. Genvex is part of the Climate Solutions division.

The NIBE Group's vision is to create world-class solutions in sustainable energy. Their general business concept is to offer high-quality, innovative energy engineering products and solutions on the market. The basis for this is the NIBE Group’s wide expertise in product development, production and marketing.

In total, NIBE Industrier AB comprises more than 70 companies with over 9,000 employees around the world. Read more about the NIBE Group.


The METRO THERM Group (the MTG Group) consists of factories and sales subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The MTG Groups business concept is to consolidate all forms of water heating solutions from the factories and sales subsidiaries in all three countries.

This makes it possible for the MTG Group to be an objective business partner with the greatest possible national and international credibility.

Important information about the situation in Ukraine

KVM-Genvex fully supports the international sanctions imposed upon Russia due to the war in Ukraine, and have stopped all export of our products to the affected areas. We are a part of NIBE Industries, and as such, we follow the common guidelines laid out by the NIBE Group in regard to the current situation. Read our common guidelines here. Pdf, 182 kB.