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Combi 185 BP/Combi Flex

Product description

Combi 185 BP/Combi Flex is a combination heat recovery ventilation unit. It is equipped with high-efficiency supply and extract air fans and a counter-flow heat exchanger with a heat recovery rate of up to 95%. Combi 185 BP/Combi Flex is also has automatic bypass for passive cooling.

The unit consist of an air source heat pump which heats the supply air and domestic hot water, prioritising the hot water, as well as an enamelled stainless steel hot water tank. The hot water tank has a built-in spiral heater, which can also be connected to a second heat source, eg. solar panels.

The unit is delivered with G4 supply and extract air filters and Optima 312 control panel.


Combi 185 BP/Combi Flex is is suitable for buildings where you want a high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption, whilst using the energy from the extract air to heat the supply air and the domestic hot water. The energy is recovered in the counterflow heat exchanger first and then the heat pump uses the residual energy. Combi 185 BP/Combi Flex can deliver an air volume of up to appr. 320 m3/h at an external pressure of 100 Pa.

Benefits of Combi 185 BP/Combi Flex

  • Supplies your entire family with both fresh air and hot domestic water
  • Contributes to the heating of the home through the supply air
  • High-efficiency heat pump with a low energy consumption
  • Built in humidity sensor and optional top or side connections for ducts (only Combi Flex)


Combi 185 BP S: Small compressor with internal heating coil

Combi 185 BP LS: Large compressor with internal heating

Combi Flex: Same as Combi 185 LS but with built in humidity sensor and top+side duct connections

Air volume up to approximately 320 M³/H at 100 PA.

Combi 185 BP

Heat recovery rate

Up to 95%