Combi Blueline

Next generation of ventilation heat pumps

Combi Blueline is a complete ventilation system recovering up to 88% of the heat from the extract air.
The system consists of a 185-litre water heater (with a built-in heating coil to which you can connect an external heat source) and a combination heat pump. In addition, the ventilation system consists of energy-saving supply and extract air fans, fresh air filter and exhaust air filter, as well as a complete Optima 314 control system. The touch panel display, which shows the operating status of the system, makes it easy to change the operating mode.

Using the Combi Blueline ventilation heat pump

Combi Blueline is used as a ventilation heat pump in homes where a high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption are emphasised, while the energy in the exhaust air is used to heat the supply air or domestic hot water. For an increased comfort level in the home during the summer period, it is also possible to use the heat pump to cool the supply air.

Benefits of the Combi Blueline ventilation heat pump

  • Delivers fresh air and hot water for the whole family
  • Home heating and cooling integrated into the product (no need for an outdoor unit)
  • Highly efficient heat pump with low energy consumption

Airflow: approx. 375m³/h at 150 PA

Combi Blueline

Heat recovery rate

Up to 88%