ECO 400 XL ventilation system

ECO 400 XL is a heat recovery ventilation system that recovers up to 96% of the heat in your home. Compared to using natural ventilation (extraction or ventilation without the use of electricity), the ECO 400 XL system offers the potential for substantial savings. These savings are primarily from keeping the heat inside the walls of the home and not releasing the heat as would otherwise occur using natural ventilation.

The ECO 400 XL is fitted with fully automatic bypass. This means that during the summer, you will be able to cool your home passively (without using electricity) by letting cooler outdoor air directly into your home.

Use of the ECO 400 XL ventilation system

ECO 400 XL is suitable for installation in larger homes or smaller businesses and is characterised by its high energy efficiency and ease of use. An ECO 400 XL ventilation system is well-suited for installation in unused and unheated spaces, such as attics or lofts, from which the ducts can be drawn to the various rooms in your home or business.

The difference between ECO 400 and 400 XL

ECO 400 XL is a further development of our popular ECO 400 ventilation system. This means it is based on proven technology, but with several improvements and new features, such as:

  • Air output on the ECO 400 XL is approximately 40% higher than the ECO 400, but the system has the same high energy efficiency
  • ECO 400 XL has a pre-installed Internet gateway as standard so the unit can be monitored remotely and controlled by an app
  • ECO 400 XL is fitted with our newest Optima 270 control platform

ECO 400 XL ventilation system accessories

The ECO 400 XL can be fitted with a PET (plastic) heat exchanger or an enthalpy heat exchanger, which, in addition to heat recovery, can also recover moisture from exhaust air in the home. It ensures that your home does not dry out during winter or become too damp in summer.

The ECO 400 XL can also be connected to an electric preheating or post-heating surface (can be supplied integrated), which adjusts the temperature to the desired need.

The system comes with an Optima 270 control and G4/Coarse filters on the fresh air intake and exhaust outlet (F7/ePM1 filters are supplied as an accessory).

Optima 270 can be used without a display or can be connected to either an Optima Touch or Basic display. Please note that displays are sold separately.

Other advantages of an ECO 400 XL ventilation system:

  • Possibility of demand control according to the CO² level in the air
  • Can be connected to a BMS system via a Modbus communication module
  • Has a built-in Internet gateway, so the system can be controlled via an app
ECO 400 XL

Heat recovery rate

Up to 96%