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ECO 190 XL

ECO 190 XL is a ventilation system with heat recovery which recycles up to 94% of the heat in your home. ECO 190 XL is ideal for installing in buildings with space constraints, such as flats and other homes that do not have attics. The ventilation system is very compact – with a build-in height of just 24 cm – and is at the same time extremely service-friendly. It can be mounted with a base plate (to be ordered separately), which makes it particularly suitable for recessed ceilings.

Use of the ECO 190 XL ventilation system

ECO 190 XL is equipped with 100% bypass. This means that during the summer, you will be able to cool your home passively (without using electricity) by opening up to the cooler outdoor air and letting it into your home directly. ECO 190 XL can be used for both right- and left-handed systems. The standard version comes with coarse (G4) filters for the fresh air intake and exhaust air (the ePM2.5 (M5)/ePM1 (F7) filter can be supplied as an accessory).

ECO 190 XL complies with all requirements of the BR18 low-energy class.

ECO 190 XL – low energy consumption and high air volume

The ECO 190 XL has made it possible to combine high air volume with low energy consumption, which means that the energy consumption for fan operation is approx. 25% lower than for similar systems with the same air volume. In addition, the ventilation system can be equipped with either a PET (plastic exchanger), which has the highest heat recovery rate, an aluminium exchanger, which has the lowest pressure drop, or an enthalpy exchanger, which, in addition to heat, can also recover moisture.

The difference between ECO 190 and 190 XL

The ECO 190 XL is a further development of our popular ECO 190 ventilation system. This means it is based on proven technology, but with a number of improvements and new features, such as:

  • ECO 190 XL has approx. 25% lower energy consumption than ECO 190 CL
  • ECO 190 XL is significantly more service-friendly than ECO 190 – due to the control print in the rail retraction system
  • The standard ECO 190 XL has an internet connection for remote monitoring and app control
  • ECO 190 XL can be upgraded with two different control panels (basic and touch) as needed

New Optima 270 control panel

ECO 190 XL comes with our new Optima 270 control, which has a number of new features. Among other things, Optima 270 provides the option of moisture and demand control, which lets you control the amount of air according to the relevant room load for moisture and/or CO2 – with energy savings as a result. In addition, an external fire or district heating box can be connected, which makes it possible to control both ventilation and heating systems from the same control panel.

The standard Optima 270 also has an internet connection which can be used for both app control and remote monitoring of the ventilation system.

Optima 270 can be used without a display or can be connected to either an Optima Touch or Basic display. Please note that displays are sold separately.

Accessories for ECO 190 XL

ECO 190XL can be factory-fitted with a condensate pump that directs excess water away from the system in difficult drainage conditions. In addition, it is also possible to connect a level switch which switches off the ventilation system if the water level rises as a result of a fault. A compact factory-fitted and integrated electric heating surface ensures that the exchanger in the system does not freeze during the winter.

Air volume up to approximately 310 M³/H AT 100PA

ECO 190 XL

Heat recovery rate

Up to 94%