ECO 275

ECO 275 is a mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery with flexible installation options and a very compact size. Despite its small size, ECO 275’s performance is similar to systems with much greater space requirements, thanks to a high-efficiency counterflow exchanger with a heat recovery rate of up to 94%, as well as fans with energy-saving EC motors.

ECO 275 is equipped with a fully automatic bypass. This allows you to cool your home passively (without the use of electricity) during the summer by letting in the cooler air from outside.


ECO 275 has compact dimensions which fit a standard 60x60 cm cabinet. The system is flexible, as it can be left/right configured – meaning that the air intake and the extraction vent can be mounted on the right or left side of the system, respectively. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for homes where the ventilation unit is built into a closet or mounted freely on a wall.

ECO 275 can be installed in both smaller homes and larger buildings with an area of up to 350 m2.

ECO 275 is also available in a light version, which only weighs 25 kg for easier installation. The light version can also be delivered with the air intake connection mounted at the bottom of the system.

Benefits of ECO 275

  • Compact size, but with the same high performance and efficiency as a much larger ventilation unit
  • Flexible connections with either right or left configuration
  • Equipped with Optima 270 control system, which has both internet connectivity and app management as standard
  • Lower energy consumption due to modulating humidity control and calendar program
  • Easy access to BMS and display connections
  • Passive comfort cooling with fully automatic 100% bypass.

Accessories for ECO 275

ECO 275 can be equipped with a heat exchanger made of PET (plastic) or an enthalpy heat exchanger. In addition to heat recovery, the enthalpy heat exchanger can also recover moisture from the exhaust air in the home. This ensures that your home does not dry out in the winter or become too humid in the summer. ECO 275 can also be connected to an electric preheating or post-heating surface (the electric preheating surface can be delivered pre-integrated into the system), which adjusts the temperature according to one’s needs. In addition, the system can be installed with the following accessories:

  • Genvex automatic fire control
  • Genvex central heating mixing circuit control
  • Wireless CO2 sensors
  • Optima Basic or Optima Touch control panel.



ECO 275

ECO 275

ECO 275 light

ECO 275 Light

Heat recovery rate

Up to 94%