ECO 300 and 300 XL

ECO 300 and ECO 300 XL are ventilation systems with heat recovery that recover up to 94% of the heat in your home. The high heat recovery rate and energy efficiency can result in significant savings on heating bills – especially compared to natural ventilation, as the heat is retained in the home and not vented to the outdoors with the ventilation air.

The difference between the two systems is in the volumes of air they ventilate. ECO 300 can change an air volume of approx. 460 m³/h at 100 PA and ECO 300 XL approx. 550 m³/h at 100 PA.

Both systems have a fully automated bypass, which further contributes to comfort. This allows you to open up to the cooler outside air and cool your home without using electricity if your home gets too hot in summer.

ECO 300 and 300 XL have compact installation dimensions and reduced weight, making them particularly easy to install and service.

Where to use ECO 300 and 300 XL ventilation systems

ECO 300 and 300 XL are particularly suitable for single-family homes such as detached houses. Both ECO ventilation systems have a high thermal insulation performance with minimum 40 mm insulation, and are therefore ideal for installation in unused and unheated spaces such as attics.

ECO 300 and 300 XL replace GE Energy 1 and 2

ECO 300 and 300 XL replace GE Energy 1 and 2, which have been among the most popular Genvex systems over time. ECO 300 and 300 XL are improved and updated versions of these systems and are designed to comply with low energy class building regulations.

Compared to GE Energy 1 and 2, ECO 300 and 300 XL are more energy efficient, have better heat recovery and better insulation. At the same time, ECO 300 and 300 XL come with the new innovative Optima 270 control, which features a built-in internet gateway and optional app control as standard.

Accessories for ECO 300 and 300 XL

The ECO 300 and 300 XL can be fitted with a PET (plastic) heat exchanger or an enthalpy exchanger which, in addition to heat recovery, can also recover moisture from the exhaust air in the home. ECO 300 and 300 XL are also available with an integrated electrical preheater, which ensures a balanced air exchange even in very cold operating conditions with low outdoor temperatures.

Both systems come with an Optima 270 controller and G4/Coarse filters on the fresh air intake and extract (F7/ePM1 filters are available as accessories). The control panel for the Optima 270 controller is available in two variants: Basic and Touch. Please note that the control panel is sold separately.

Other advantages of ECO 300 and 300 XL

  • Lightweight construction for easier installation
  • High thermal insulation capacity and low heat loss
  • Flexible connectivity options with right/left configuration
  • Comes with built-in internet gateway
  • Plug and play installation with external connection to power supply, control panel and internet

Air volume:

ECO 300: approx. 460 m³/h at 100 PA

ECO 300 XL: approx. 550 m³/h at 100 PA

ECO 300 XL

Heat recovery rate

Up to 94%