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ECO 360 R

ECO 360 R is a ventilation system with a heat recovery rate of up to 86%. In addition to heat recovery, the ECO 360 R has a special rotary heat exchanger that recovers moisture from the extract air so the humidity in the home remains optimal. The humidity and heat recovery is monitored and automatically adapts to the current needs.

ECO 360 R is ideal for installation in buildings where space is limited. The ventilation system is very compact, with an installation height of only 60 cm.

Similarly, the ECO 360 R is particularly suitable when the plumbing installation is difficult to access, as the ventilation system does not need condensate drains.

Use of the ECO 360 R ventilation system

ECO 360 R is equipped with a rotor stop function, which allows you to cool your home passively (electricity-free) during summer. The rotor stop function allows the cooler outdoor air to be supplied directly into your home. ECO 360 R can be used for both right or left installations (supply air on either right or left side) and is by default supplied with coarse (G4) filters in the fresh air and extract air duct (ePM2.5 (M5)/ePM1 (F7) filter is supplied as an accessory).

Benefits of ECO 360 R

Despite its very compact design, the ECO 360 R is an energy-efficient ventilation system with low energy consumption and a high degree of heat recovery that can also supply sufficient air to the largest of homes. In addition, the main advantages of the ECO 360 R are:

  • Modulating humidity and heat recovery, which adapts to current needs and provides an optimal indoor climate.
  • Energy optimisation meeting the stringent requirements of the net zero energy requirements.
  • Extremely compact and easy installation.
  • An innovative control platform (Optima 270) with integrated internet connectivity.
  • Right/left function.
  • Easy installation and no need for condensate drains.

New Optima 270 control panel

ECO 360 R is delivered with our new Optima 270 control platform, which has several state-of-the-art features. Optima 270 provides, among other things, the option of humidity and demand control, which adjust the amount of air according to current levels of moisture and/or CO² in the room. In addition, an external relay box can be connected, which makes it possible to control both ventilation and heating systems from the same control panel.

The standard Optima 270 also has internet connectivity which can be used for both app control and remote monitoring of the ventilation system.

Optima 270 can be used without a display or can be connected to either an Optima Touch or Basic display. Please note that displays are sold separately.

Accessories for ECO 360 R

The ECO 360 can be delivered with an integrated, factory-fitted modulating electric post-heating surface that ensures that supply air is supplied draft-free in winter (during the defrosting of the rotor).

ECO 360 R can be factory-fitted with flow sensors for constant volume flow control, allowing for easy setting of main air volumes as well as the maintenance of a constant air volume – independent of filter fouling.

AIR VOLUME up to APPRoximately 410 M³/H AT 100PA

ECO 360 R

Heat recovery rate

Up to 86%