ECO 375

Product description

ECO 375 is a ventilation system for heat recovery with a high-efficiency countercurrent exchanger with a temperature recovery rate of up to 96% and fans with energy-saving EC motors.
The ECO 375 is typically used in homes or small businesses where the emphasis is on comfort and low energy consumption.

ECO 375 is suitable for installation in larger homes or smaller business premises with an area of up to 350 m2. ECO 375 stands out by being particularly energy-optimised and adapted to the strict requirements of the BR18 low-energy class. Despite the compact installation dimensions, adapted to a standard 60x60 cm module, the performance of ECO 375 matches systems with significantly larger space requirements. As standard, ECO 375 is equipped with G4/Coarse filters on the outdoor air intake and on the exhaust air (F7/ePM1 filter is supplied as an accessory).


A built-in 1200 watt electric preheating surface can be selected as an accessory to ECO 375, ensuring a balanced air supply even in very cold outdoor temperatures and with a minimal energy supply.

A built-in condensate water level switch can also be selected, which switches off the ventilation system in the event of problems with the condensate drain and gives an alarm via the display.

ECO 375 can be equipped with either a PET (plastic) heat exchanger with the highest heat recovery rate or an aluminum one, with the lowest rate pressure loss. It is also possible to choose an enthalpy exchanger, which can recover both heat and moisture.

AIR VOLUME up to APPRoximately 460 M³/H AT 100 PA.

ECO 375

Heat recovery rate

Up to 96%