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Genvex Connect

Control your ventilation unit from your mobile phone

With the Genvex connect app, you can control and monitor your ventilation unit regardless of wherever you are in the world. The app can be downloaded to your mobile telephone and connected to an Internet Gateway (purchased separately) that connects the unit with your home router. This gateway also works with most older units after a software update of the ventilation unit’s control panel.

User friendly app control

With a user-friendly design and easily understandable menus, you can control and monitor many of the unit’s most important functions without any difficulty. Besides adjusting the temperature and turning after-heat on and off, you can also change the ventilation speed, see the status of sensors and read any error messages. You can also connect more units to the app if you also have a ventilation unit in a holiday home, for example.

Remote service and support

Another important advantage of having the ventilation unit connected to the internet is the opportunity for remote service. This means that our service technicians in customer service can, upon agreement with the customer, connect directly to the unit in the home in connection with telephone support. This makes it much easier for the homeowner to receive specific and correct assistance.

Genvex Connect requires a Genvex Internet Gateway and Optima 250*, Optima 251 or Optima 260 controls.

*Optima 250 is supported on units supplied from 01/09/2018

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