Genvex A/S was founded in 1974 by Bjarne R. Svendsen. The small company in Copenhagen delivered the first passive heat recovery systems for homes in May 1974.

In 1983 the company started mass production of its two new product lines: Vanvex and Combi. The Vanvex line is a purely a domestic hot water heat pump, whereas the Combi product line is a combination of a passive heat recovery system and a domestic hot water heat pump.

Three years later, in 1986 Genvex started the mass production of active ventilation systems, which were introduced in the form of ”VP/C”-installations. These installations have both heat pump and can provide heating and cooling too.

After many years of steady progress, in 2000 the factory was decided to be established in Haderslev, Denmark.

Four years later, in 2004 Genvex A/S was sold to the Schulthess Group, a company listed in Switzerland. The factory is now a member of the heating technology group, one of three groups within Schulthess Group.

I 2006 the company has realised its vision and values.

In 2008 Genvex A/S gained ISO-certification from Det Norske Veritas. Genvex A/S still has four product groups, which since have gone through intense development in the past years. Genvex now possesses several certifications on its product, declaring that they meet the strict regulations of the market.

In 2011 the entire Schulthess group was bought by NIBE AB, the Swedish industry concern, and Genvex is now a member of the NIBE Energy Systems division. As part of the acquisition process, Genvex became a member of the Metro Therm concern, which is a member of NIBE Energy Systems.

In January 2014 Genvex A/S and KVM Conheat A/S decided to merge into the Metro Therm concern. KVM-Genvex A/S is now selling under trademarks KVM and Genvex.


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