Ventilation filter guide

Are you allergic?People who suffer from allergies can benefit a lot from a ventilation system. The most common kinds of pollen particles are around 20-80µm, but some pollen particles, for example from forget-me-nots, can be as small as 2.5µm.If you choose an F7 filter for the intake, 99% of particles larger than 2.5µm will be removed.Particle size of other allergensFungus particles are around 2-20µm. (Source: Center for Indeklima og Sundhed i Boliger og Astma-Allergi Danmark) (Centre for Indoor air and Health in dwellings)House dust mite waste particles are around 10-40µm. (Source: Astma-Allergi Danmark)Bacteria are around 0.2-2µm. (Source: to change ventilation filterGenvex recommends that you change the filter at least once every six months. If the filters get blocked, it takes a lot of energy to force the air through, and some particles might be forced through.You can connect a filter alarm to the controls to remind you when to change it. To keep everything working optimally, you can also enter into a service agreement to have the system cleaned and the filter changed every six months.Need a filter? Check out our online shopThanks to Filtertek for monitoring the particle filtering.Other sources: Astma-Allergi Danmark, Sundhedsstyrelsen, enter for Indeklima and Sundhed i Boliger,Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, (Astma-Allergi Danmark, National Board of Health, Centre for Indoor air and Health in dwellings, Danish Building Research Institute,


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