The ECOdesign directive

The ECO-design directive on heat emitting products entered into force on 26/09/2015, and entails stricter EU requirements for, among other things, geothermal pumps and DHW pumps.

The new requirements entail, among other things, that heat pumps/DHW pumps delivered by Genvex in the future will be accompanied by an energy symbol (as seen on TVs and fridges) and a technical data sheet with test results.

As a result of the new ECO-design directive, the following adjustments to Genvex’s product portfolio will be made.

· GS–4 will expire and be replaced by the new ultra-effective GS-6 PC geothermal pump.

· Vanvex 185S will be removed from the product series.

· Vanvex RS/R will continue to be available from Genvex.

· Vanvex 285S will continue to be available from Genvex.

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