ECO 400: New efficient ventilation system – perfect for bigger houses

A newly developed ventilation system from Genvex is ranked among the top most energy efficient systems on the market and lives up to both BR18 and BR20. Watch the video where our product manager Christen Lautrup goes through the most important parts of the new system.

Genvex is now launching its latest branch of ultra-efficient heat recovery ventilation systems. The newly developed system, ECO 400, has been optimised for use in detached houses and larger houses of up to 450m² as well as smaller commercial buildings. It is also been made to be future-proof by meeting the requirements of both BR18 and BR20.

ECO 400

A ventilation system with 50% less heat loss

Both home and business owners that install the ECO 400 ventilation system can expect savings of up to 3,000 DDK a year (a saving of 3,000 DDK corresponds to the yearly savings of an average household using heat recovery ventilation compared to natural ventilation). This is because the ventilation system’s high energy efficiency, which is due to the counterflow heat exchanger having a temperature efficiency of up to 96% and that the fans run on an energy saving EC engine. This means that the ECO 400 loses up to 50% less heat than other, comparable ventilation systems.

Klaus Kjær, sales manager at Genvex, says:

”With ECO 400 technology, Genvex has once again shown that we can deliver the best systems on the market. The technology of our very first Genvex system, over 40 years ago, was ground-breaking even then, and with products like the ECO 400, it is clear that cutting-edge technology continues to be our inspiration today.”

A ventilation system that can be controlled by an app

Another advantage of the newly-developed ventilation system is that it can be easily installed in unheated rooms, such as the attic in the house, since it is so well insulated.

Additionally, the system comes equipped with controls that allow passive cooling with a fully automatic bypass, modulated humidity management and a calendar program. ECO 400 can also be supplied with an Internet gateway that allows you to control your ventilation system using an app on your mobile phone.

A ventilation system that is easy to use

ECO 400 is delivered with Optima 251 automatics which makes it as easy to use as other Genvex systems. Additionally, installers and technicians that are Genvex customers always get extra support and service.