ECO 190 keeping people warm in Bergen, Norway

In Bergen, Norway, the community Smiberget Borettslag recently decided to install ECO 190 ventilation devices in all 569 apartments of the area. As a result, the residents are now experiencing great improvements in the indoor climate and no longer have to open the windows to let in the fresh air.

When you’re short of something, take good care of what you’ve got. And if you’re in a cold country like Norway, make sure that the heat stays inside the building. This is something that the residents of Smiberget Borettslag particularly enjoy, now that 569 ECO 190 ventilation devices are being installed in the apartments in the area. The radiators have – in the apartments where the devices are already installed – been turned down several notches, and the residents no longer must open the windows to let in the fresh air. Neither during the summer nor during the winter.

“We absolutely do not regret that we decided to install ECO 190. Compared to airing out yourself this is much, much better”, says Trond Helle, chairman of the board in the resident’s association.

See the video from Smiberget Borettslag here

Renovation was already in progress

Trond Helle explains how it all started:

"We had received at lot of complaints from residents, who were experiencing problems with mould and moist. At the time we were already facing a bigger renovation of all pipes and all bathrooms in the apartments", he says.

Together with the rest of the board in the association Trond contacted the contractor Anders O. Grevstad for advice. The company recommended that ventilation was installed along with the rest of the renovation to avoid future complications with moist and a poor indoor climate.

Here, on Siw Brown’s balcony, the view of one of the fjords in Bergen is breathtaking. The air is a clean as Norwegian snow. On the face of Siw Brown it clearly sees, that she enjoys the view, as she is standing there with both hands on the railing, while one of her dogs is staring enviously right at her.
On the other side of the balcony door, the air is almost at fresh as outside. Something that Siw notices on a daily basis.

"I’ve had this ventilation device for about a year and I don’t really notice it any more. I’ve been so satisfied with it ever since I got it", she explains with a smile and continues:

"The air in here is better than it has ever been."

Just like the rest of the residents, Siw had to have her ceiling lowered before the pipes for the ventilation could be installed.

A special case requires special service

"What is a little special about this case is that the layouts are quite small, which leaves very little space for ventilation. Because of this it was really fantastic that we could contact Genvex, who were then willing to create a unique design particularly for this project", says Helge Olsen, an exited department manager at Anders O. Grevstad.

It is cold outside and our fingers are freezing. Fortunately, we are being invited for cup of coffee in Trond Helles apartment, where Trond shows us the installation – a completely hidden ECO 190 device behind a white board in the ceiling of the bathroom. A device that is able to reuse up to 94% of the heat and in this way contribute fairly to a reduction of the heat bill.

«We have a radiator in our living room and we are now able to turn that one down several notches», Trond explains. He and his wife were for a long time struggling with headaches when waking up in the morning. Now, they can smile to each other instead of heading for the pill closet.

"It has become an entirely new apartment to live in now that the ventilation has been installed", Trond finishes.
A couple of block away Siw completely agrees:

"There is no smoke odor or other bad smells. Only fresh air. I’m so happy with the way it is now", she concludes

Trond Helle

Chairman Trond Helle.