Product description

Premium Preheat 500 is an air-air heat recovery ventilation heat pump which is equipped with the following: An aluminum counter current heat exchanger, a heat pump with cooling function, pre-heater integrated in the heat pump, supply and extract air fans, F7 supply air filter, M4 extract air filter, and complete Optima 301 automatics with a control panel.


Premium Preheat 500 is suitable in buildings, where you want a combination of heat recovery ventilation and supply of comfort heating or cooling with the supply air. Before the fresh air is drawn into the house, heat is supplied to it in the counter current heat exchanger - heat recovered from the extract air. Then additional heat is supplied to the supply air by the heat pump and thereby it contributes to the home heating. If it is desired that cooling is supplied to the air instead, this is also possible. The supply air filter ensures that dirt and pollen is not brought into the house. Premium Preheat 500 can deliver an air volume of up to approximately 600 m³/h at an external pressure of 100 Pa.

Premium Preheat 500 is available in a right- or left-handed version

UP TO 91%


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